The Massachusetts Teachers Association, a union of professional educators, is seeking proposals for the 2017 MTA Summer Conference. The conference is scheduled from Sunday, July 30 to Thursday, August 3, on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The MTA is seeking proposals for Organizational Development and Leadership Training. Our conference attracts 700 to 800 MTA members, including Massachusetts public school educators, public higher education faculty, professional staff, education support professionals and retirees. Our members work in a variety of subject areas in schools and higher education institutions across the state. 

Learning opportunities for member educators in this area will include such topics as:
Organizing  |  Contractual Advocacy  |  Conflict Management and Resolution Strategies  |  Political Organizing and Action  |  Team Building  |  Transformational Leadership Development  |  Environmental Health and Safety  |  Large and Small Group Meeting Management and Facilitation  |  Diversity and Cultural Competence  |  Communications  |  Managing Your Local  |  Social Justice

We are especially interested in workshops that are designed to enhance our capacity to educate and organize our members around issues they care about, expand opportunities for organizational involvement and foster the growth of union power and solidarity given the diverse interests and needs of our members.
The deadline for Request for Proposals is Monday, April 3. We will let you know if your proposal is accepted in mid-April. Conference offerings will be posted on the MTA’s website at Those workshops, seminars and events that attract sufficient interest will become part of the final conference schedule. Presenters will be notified by June 30 whether their proposal will be included in the final conference schedule.
MTA Summer Conference Presenter Fees, Housing and Meals

• Based on a rate of $100 per presentation hour.
• No payment for planning and preparation time.
• Up to three paid presenters per workshop. Exceptions may be made for multiday presentations.
• On campus housing is a twin bed in four-bedroom suites with two shared baths (air conditioned) or traditional campus singles and doubles with shared bathroom.
• Presenters will be given a meal card for campus dining. There is no reimbursement for restaurant meals.
• Presenters will receive mileage at the prevailing rate, airfare and ground transportation with prior approval (housing, meals and travel costs for companions are the responsibility of the presenter).

Presenters will be compensated as follows:

Length of Presentation: 1.5 Hours
Honorarium: $150
Campus Housing: 1 night
Campus Dining: 3 meals

Length of Presentation: 3 Hours
Honorarium: $300
Campus Housing: 1 night
Campus Dining: 3 meals

Length of Presentation: 4.5 Hours
Honorarium: $450
Campus Housing: 2 nights
Campus Dining: 6 meals

Length of Presentation: 6 Hours
Honorarium: $600
Campus Housing: 2 nights
Campus Dining: 6 meals

Multiday/Multi Presenters
Honorarium: $500 each for up to 3 presenters
Campus Housing: up to 4 nights
Campus Dining: up to 12 meals

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{{answer_QPrd}}, thank you for proposing a workshop for the MTA Summer Conference. You will receive notice about your proposal's status in April.
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